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Green Bay Packers and Seahawks American Football Hottest

Green Bay Packers is American’s Football Team from Winsconsin while Seahawks are the winners of the Superbowl 2015 from Seattle in Washington. It seems to me that Green Bay Packers are equivalent to Chelsea while we can consider Seahawks are similar to Manchester United, but then again what unites these brothers in arms is their popularity on the each side of the continent. I am certain that Green Bay Packers fans are keen to watch their favorite American football team from an organized sports event platform or they already have an option to do so. I know for sure that at Chelsea’s stadium apart from executive lounges they also have a hotel, a bar and other entertainment facilities.

Sports event tourism is getting bigger and is yielding more revenues. The American Football has slowly crossed Atlantic and is gaining popularity in Europe although what Americans call soccer and what is to the rest of the world known as football has gained a larger fan base in the States and some of the world’s best players are running the pitches on the very same stadiums where NFL is played ( American soccer is played at NFL stadiums so to speak ) I can only guess that equivalent of Green Bay Packers in the Croatian Football League is Dinamo from Zagreb while Seahawks stand for Hajduk from Split.

That is one thing you must learn before you enter Croatia. Croatians are so passionate about football as well as proud of their world status. It is an excellent marketing tool for the country in the terms of PR and advertising and Croatian players are ambassadors of their country which is an excellent PR exercise for Croatia’s biggest tertiary sector and that is where the majority of Croats get their bread and butter: travel and tourism industry.

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